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My Thesis: The Heroine's Journey

In this research, I uncover what has been lost in the transition from societies of partnership to those of domination and colonization over the past several millennia, and what has been sacrificed for the sake of “progress” in the Western and developing world. In this quest I uncover the feminine principle and follow the framework of the heroine’s journey a way to reintegrate the feminine on an individual and societal level.

I contextualize this journey in the current state of women’s health in the U.S.. This research focuses on women’s health and healing; however, the feminine principle benefits individuals across the gender continuum. The heroine’s journey itself is a personal quest, but its implications are political. The quest leads us to recognize our interconnection with all beings and the work with must do as activists and allies to make our world better for all. In the last chapter I discuss new ways of organizing society around feminine values and highlight what is needed to fulfill this vision.


Holistic Treatment and Nutritional Support for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease affecting the function of thyroid hormone. This paper will present the pathophysiology, affected demographics, allopathic treatment and nutritional wellness proposal for Hashimoto’s, a disease that often goes undiagnosed and is largely neglected in allopathic medicine.